Download aeyrc.dll for Crysis 3 and fix aeyrc.dll is missing error

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    If you see Crysis 3 system error “The program can’t start because aeyrc.dll is missing from your computer” when trying to run the game, here is the way to download aeyrc.dll for Crysis 3 and fix the error in Windows 7 and Windows 8 (8.1).


    Do you need to download aeyrc.dll to fix the error?

    Just like with the CryEA.dll is missing error in Crysis 3, the reason for it may be not that the file is actually missing from your computer, but your antivirus: for some reason several antivirus software (and Windows 8 Defender as well) consider aeyrc.dll file to be virus and delete it from your computer.


    That’s why the first thing is not to download aeyrc.dll from some website, but to disable your antivirus (or turn “Always ask” mode in it) and reinstall the Crysis 3 game and then put it in your antivirus’ exceptions. Probably, that would help to fix aeyrc.dll is missing from your computer error. If it will not, try downloading the file and copy it to the game’s folder.

    Download aeyrc.dll for Windows 7 and 8 (8.1)

    You better be careful when searching where to download the aeyrc.dll file for Crysis 3, there are plenty of suspicious websites that have files with that name that are not actually the original ones.

    Hope that would help. By the way, I would advise you not to use all these “Dll Fixer” software you may find on the Internet, most of it is scam.
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