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    If you are a broadband internet user, You may have to face several hassles. Specially, In windows operating systems, The users are facing some common connection errors like “ERR NETWORK CHANGED”. This problems normally appears in google chrome browser. It comes with a message like “Unable to access the network” along with the error name. But users may face similar problem in other web browsers with different names.


    Follow to easy fixes given below to get rid of Err_Network_Changed error for good.

    # Fix – LAN Settings

    Open the Control panel using the instructions mentioned above and select Internet Options. If you can’t find this option, change the view of Control panel to the Small icons located at the top right corner.

    After opening the ‘Internet Options’ window select ‘Connections’ tab from the top and then click on ‘Lan Settings’ at the bottom.


    Afterwards another window will appear. From there uncheck the box that says ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ and then click OK.


    # Resetting TCP/IP

    Resetting TCP/IP protocols can also help in the removal of this problem. For the sake of resetting the TCP/IP, follow these instructions.

    Open Command Prompt pressing Win + X and selecting it from the list in Windows 8 and Windows 10 or you can open it from the start menu in older versions of Windows.

    Type the following command inside Command prompt and hit Enter key on the keyboard.

    netsh int ip reset
    This single line of command will reset TCP/IP to default and you would be back with your fully-functional network.

    # Restart your modem or router

    If unluckily neither solution 1 nor 2 helps you, try to restart your modem or router to fix the error.

    Press the power button of your modem or router to power off, then wait for a while and press the power button again to start it again.

    # Reset IP/TCP

    Open CMD as an administrator and run Below commands.
    • netsh int ip set dns
    • netsh winsock reset
    # Reinstall the Network Adapter
    • Go to the start menu
    • Search or go to the ‘RUN.’
    • Click on it and opens it
    • After that, Type this below the following command there
    • Press Ok there
    • Expand network adapters, locate your network adapter name
    • Note down the name,
    • Right click on that adapter
    • Choose and click on the Uninstall option there
    • Reboot or restart your PC once
    • After restarting, reconnect to your network & test
    • If it isn’t installed, then download it from manufacturer website
    • After that, run it and reinstall it
    • After that, test it
    • After completing, close the tab
    • That’s it, done
    You can get rid out of this error ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED code problem.

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