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    What Is Error Code 0x80070091

    Error 0x80070091 generally cause on windows operating system when you are trying to delete some files or folder. This may for many reason such as you do not have permission to delete particulate folder or files, there is some bad sector on your drive, a virus in your computer which corrupted that file or folder and incompatible 3rd party software on your pc. You won’t able to delete a particular folder or file. Delete procedure fails with an error 0x80070091 message.


    Here are the most common reasons for this issue:
    • Junk left in the map.
    • No permission to remove it.
    • Bad sectors on hard drive or USB.
    • The folder became corrupt.
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    METHOD TO FIX ERROR 0X80070091

    Here are several ways to solve this issue. If you have this problem with Windows.old then go to solution three else start with solution one. If you still have this problem or managed to solve it, make sure to tell us in the comment section.

    METHOD 1 – Check the disk for errors
    1. Open the File Explorer, right-click on the disk on which you are experiencing this error when deleting the files and select Properties.
    2. In the disk properties window, select the Tools tab and then click on Check button under the Error checking section.
    3. Start the disk checking by clicking on the Scan drive and let it finish. It may need to reboot your PC to finish the disk check.
    4. When the disk check has finished try deleting the folder/file in question again.
    METHOD 2 - Change Ownership of the Folder/Files
    1. Press the Win+X hotkey and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu that appears.>
    2. Type the command Takeown /F FOLDERPATH /R /D Y in the command prompt where FOLDERPATH is the full path and name of the folder you want to change the ownership of. For example, if you want to change the ownership of E:\boot\rmdisk then type the following command:
      takeown /F E:\boot\rmdisk /R /D Y
    3. Now try deleting the file or folder that was giving an error once again.
    METHOD 3 - Use Cygwin to Change Folder/File Permissions
    1. Install Cygwin on your Windows PC. You can see instructions on
    2. Use the Cygwin Terminal and give the command chmod a=rwx folderpath where the folderpath is the full path and name of the folder you want to change the permissions of. For example, if you want to change permissions of E:\boot\rmdisk then type the following commands one per line:
      cd e:/
      chmod a=rwx ./boot/rmdisk
    3. Now try deleting the folder giving error once again.

    1. Right click on the file or folder you want to remove.
    2. Go to the security tab.
    3. Go to the Advanced button which is located at the bottom.
    4. Go to the owner tab.
    5. At this screen you can see the current owner of the map. To change this click the edit button. If you have an administrator password it will ask for one or else continue.
    6. Now choose the user account you want to giver ownership to in the change owner to box.
    7. Now simply click the ok button twice.
    8. Now the user you assigned permission to will be able to delete the file or map.
    Summary: There are many reasons for the error 0x80080091 in Windows. You can fix it by checking the file system for errors, taking the ownership for the folders or files in question or changing their access permissions using the Cygwin chmod command.

    Deleting a corrupt folder (error code 0x80070091)

    Try Renaming folder and Delete.

    Or use my Trick
    1. Copy Your Important files from the folder.
    2. Delete unnecessary files (Optional).
    3. If no luck then rename folder to "$Recycle.Bin"
    4. Empty Recycle bin.
    5. Folder is Deleted
    Error 0x80070091: The Directory is Not Empty Fix

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