Fix: The secret passphrase in configuration (blowfish_secret) is too short.

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    Phpmyadmin appears "The secret passphrase in configuration (blowfish_secret) is too short." problem, you can solve the following methods:

    1. Open the config.default.php file in the directory phpmyadmin/libraries with the editor

    2. Find the following line: $ cfg ['blowfish_secret'] = 'here is the need for the phrase password'; (phrase password please fill out) such as 123456 success

    3. This problem occurs when you configure phpmyadmin to fill in the authentication method, that is, the following line:
    $ Cfg ['Servers'] [$ i] ['auth_type'] = 'cookie';
    There are four modes to choose from, cookie, http, HTTP, config
    Config mode that is input phpmyadmin visit the URL can be entered directly, without entering the user name and password, is not safe, is not recommended.

    4. When the set is cookie, http or HTTP, log phpmyadmin need data user name and password to verify, as follows:
    PHP installation mode for Apache, you can use http and cookies;
    PHP installation mode for the CGI, you can use the cookie


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