How To Find The Unboxing Date Of An Android Device

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    Go to Settings->About Phone (this is the last menu item in the settings menu) and find the version number menu item in the menu.

    01.png 02.png

    1. Find the android

    Quickly tap the android version number several times and an android will appear on your screen:


    2. Find the nyan-droid

    Press and hold the android n the screen and it will grow. Keep holding it and at the end a set of androids wearing ice cream sandwiches will fly across your screen, like so:

    Another solution

    1. with your Google account's credentials, log in to the Google Dashboard
    2. Scroll to the section labeled "Android" and expand it (by clicking its title / the LGM [little green man])
    3. Check the entry for the device you want to know the date for
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