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    Ever wonder why there are so many different Playstation BIOS's available? Check out this list below:

    BIOS Legend

    ModelBoard #Description
    PSoneSCPH 100 - 101 - 102
    PlaystationBoard PU7SCPH 1000, 1001, 1002
    PlaystationBoard PU8SCPH 1000, 1001, 1002
    PlaystationBoard PU18SCPH 5500, 5501, 5502, 5552
    PlaystationBoard PU20SCPH 7000, 7001, 7002, 7003
    PlaystationBoard PU22SCPH 7501, 7502
    PlaystationBoard PU23SCPH 9001, 9003

    Consumer Editions

    BIOS #Description
    SCPH-1000The original BIOS. Released in Japan on 12/3/94.
    SCPH-1001The original North American BIOS. Released in North America on 9/9/95. Did not feature S-Video output port like the 1000.
    SCPH-1002The original European BIOS. Had no S-Video like the 1001.
    SCPH-3000Japanese revision.
    SCPH-3500Japanese revision. No longer featured S-Video output port.
    SCPH-5003Asian revision.
    SCPH-5500Japanese revision. CD drive mech was relocated, onboard electronics shortened by ~20 percent, seperate ports for A/V composite output were replaced by the A/V Multi Out port.
    SCPH-5501North American version of the 5500.
    SCPH-5502European version of the 5500.
    SCPH-5552European revision.
    SCPH-5903Special white-colored "Video CD" edition of the PS, released only in greater Asia.
    SCPH-7000First Japanese 'Dual Shock' hardware revision. System now came with one Dual Shock (SCPH-1200) controller, and now featured a light show program called SoundScope in the CD player menu (this was actually a stripped-down version of Baby Universe).
    SCPH-7001North American 7000.
    SCPH-7002European 7000.
    SCPH-7003Asian 7000.
    SCPH-7500Japanese revision. More motherboard reductions, revised system BIOS. Sony released this as a "mod-proof" system, but was cracked pretty quickly (of course!).
    SCPH-7501North American 7500.
    SCPH-7502European 7500.
    SCPH-7503Updated Japanese 7500.
    SCPH-9000Japanese revision. More motherboard reductions, plus total removal of Parallel I/O port to try and foil those making cheat devices and other such products that fit into the port. Last PS hardware revision series until SCPH-100 redesign.
    SCPH-9001North American 9000.
    SCPH-9002European 9000.
    SCPH-9003Asian 9000.
    SCPH-100Also known as the PS one. Unit size reduced by one-third, power supplied by external AC adapter as opposed to internal power block. Revamped BIOS interface. Original Japanese version.
    SCPH-101North American 100.
    SCPH-102European 100.

    Developer/Non-Consumer Editions:

    BIOS #Description
    DTL-H1001Original blue-colored PS, only available to developers and gaming publications. Featured 8MB of RAM. Has no regional lockouts, so users are able to play all North American and Japanese software without fault, as well as pre-production software on CD-R media.
    DTL-H1201Revision of the H1001.
    DTL-H1001HGrey version of DTL-H1001. Not much else known.
    DTL-3000Also known as the Net Yaroze. Enabled consumers to create their own PS software. Like the H1001, could play all manner of PS software.
    DTL-H3001This and the H3000 are odd, seemingly consumer versions of the Net Yaroze, save for no inclusion of development accessories. Both are a lighter black, however, and have a textured crystalized paint finish. Known as the "PlayStation Worldwide."
    SCPH-2000Another all-region PS. Nothing else known.

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