What Is vtdecoderxpcservice In Mac?

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    Apple initially began adding security sandbox features in Mac OS X Leopard. A sandbox provides an app with operating system controls that limit what it can do. The main security purpose of a sandbox is to prevent an app from doing anything it has no need to actually do, so that were it ever to be take over by malware, it simply couldn't do anything bad (within the foreseeable).

    Apple has included sandbox support in some of its own apps bundled in Mac OS X, including Safari Web Content (something that helps reduce the damage caused by the Adobe Flash plugin when it fails or is compromised).

    Preview and TextEdit also operate within a sandbox, with Preview isolating its PDF rendering in a secondary sandbox to negate any exploits hiding within PDFs. QuickTime sandboxes its video decoders, spinning off the task to processes named VTDecoderXPCService.

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