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    ERR_CACHE_MISS – Explained With Solutions

    Lots of website or application developer having this “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS” in the Google chrome’s dev tool while they are doing their app or website testing and it’s also possible you’ve seeing this error also on the white error page saying something like “Confirm Form Resubmission” with the same error code: ERR CACHE MISS.


    So, the first thing what I’m gonna talk about is, what is this error and why is this happening with your computer?

    Mainly this error occurred when your browsers having some problem with caching that particular website or web app’s cache because of some bad coding in that website or app, or maybe something happening with your browsers like, some bugs, corrupted extensions or it also can be the bad browser’s setting and the bad thing is you can’t blame on a single thing without analyzing the problem correctly.

    Now, let’s talk about the different conditions what people do surfing from this problem.
    So, as far as I know there are only three different conditions when this error shows up in your browser and those are:
    1. Having the error while accessing some websites or maybe your browser also won’t load any image on some particular websites
    2. Having this error while opening your own website.
    3. Having the error in your browser’s “dev tool” while analyzing the code.

    So, whatever the situation is I’m gonna help you out to fix this problem easily and quickly. So, I started with the first condition and given all the possible solution to overcome this problem and then come to the second condition and after that the third one.

    You can skip that condition solution and move to the other one if that doesn’t suit your condition.

    #First Thing First
    The first thing I want you to do is to restart your computer by restart option in your operating system. I’m suggesting you this because, during system reboot, your operating system does perform some various types of diagnosis in their background process.

    If you don’t know, a simple reboot can simply fix your computer if it’s acting strange and In fact, restarting your PC can prefix common problems before they occur.

    Condition No.1 – Problem While Opening Or Using Some Website Or Loading Online Images

    If you’re trying to open some other website or maybe you’ve open an image in a new tab and you’re seeing this err cache miss error on the screen then there is four common reasons for this problem to occur and now I’m highlighting all these with solutions.
    1. That website is Updating – If a website is updating or on maintenance then it’s quite possible you’ve seeing this error between in that time of period. And if that’s the situation with you, you can wait for some time until the updation or maintenance gets done.
    2. Clear Browsing Data – If you did wait a lot or maybe you’ve seeing this error from more than 2 days on a particular or more than 1 website then it’s possible your browsers having some corrupted files data stored in it and it can be the pre-saved cache or may be the internet cookies.
      You can clean all the junk files by doing some simple steps and maybe it will fix your problem. So, now you’ll have to enter this address “chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings” into your Chrome’s address bar and it will show you the reset option, just click on reset.[​IMG]
    3. Remove Software – Nowadays some developer companies making Spammy add-ons or extension or maybe a software which can advertise their products and sometimes when some incompatible software for plugin gets installed in your computer can definitely create this ERR_CACHE_MISS error. To remove Spammy software you’ll need to go your windows program and feature setting and uninstall all those unknown installations.
      Press “Windows key R key” and when run command’s open, type “appwiz.cpl” and press enter, when the program and feature windows get opens, select and Uninstall those Softwares and Toolbars which you don’t even use.
    4. Reboot Network Device – Normally we just let our network router or modem to run continuously without giving it a break and you know what a simple power cycle process can make things back to normal. By saying power cycle I mean reboot your router or modem and everything connected between your ISP and the device.
    • Switch off the network device by unplugging the power cable from your modem or router.
    • Leave it unplugged for about one minute.
    • Plug it back the cable to your modem or router and test that your browser is still giving the error or not.[​IMG]
    If nothing is working for you then there is still a couple or more things what you can still try to fix thing up and those are updating your browser, reinstalling your browser and at last contact your ISP because sometimes ISP blocked some website due to whatever reason they have.

    Condition No.2 – Having Problem While Opening Your Own Website

    Actually, this condition having its own two sub-conditions because it’s possible you’ve having this error code on very web accessing computer devices or maybe it’s only showing on your own particular personal computer.

    So, only try solution that suits your condition:
    • Error On Every Computer – Last year I also had this problem on my other WordPress website and the reason behind this problem what I’ve found is, a caching plugin. Yes, it’s just my website’s pages caching plugin who’s updated recently and which I also used to make my website page loading speed faster for users. So, if your WordPress having that plugin too then you can try to disable it by changing that plugin folder name in your website’s root directory’s folder and it will make your website running again.
    For non-Wordpress users, if you’ve using any code for caching your pages then you can try to remove that code for a while and test your website again.
    • Error On Single Computer – If you’re the only one who’s having this problem on your own computer then the first thing you’ll need to check is, you’re browser is updated or not. Yeah, because most of the time un-updated chrome did this and I really don’t know why but it works if you’ve updated your browser, so make sure you do update your browser.
    If updating won’t works then you can also try to open your website in the incognito mode and if its open your site then there is some problem in your browsers extension. You can make it sure by disabling all of them, which can found in your browsers setting page.

    Condition No.3 – Having Problem On Chrome Development Tool

    Having this Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS problem is becoming common while using the dev tool just because of a bugs in the Google’s browsers, even whatever you’re using chrome, chromium or canary.

    I just don’t know why but the strange thing is, after updating your browser the problem is gone, really. If you’ve using the latest version of the browser then you’ll have to wait until the next update comes online. Or otherwise, you can try the following thing listed below to make it works for you.
    1. Update Your Browser – Sorry for mentioning it again because people skips the above paragraph while reading and don’t update their browser and try the other solutions which leads to failure, so make sure you’ve update it first. If updated, just move to the next step.
    2. Change Caching Setting – You can also try to change the caching setting in your browser’s dev tool (development tool) and that will 80% resolve your issue. So, now the thing which I want you to change is “disable the cache service” only in the dev tool and to do that first you’ll have to go to the dev tool by pressing Ctrl Shift I key at the same time and when it gets open, go to the Settings from the right side options and then go to General and Select the option named: Disable cache, and at last Reload the page by using the (ctrl F5) key.[​IMG]
    3. Adware or popups softwareRemove all the advertisement software installed in your computer or maybe on your chrome. To delete all unusable extractions you’ll need to go the extension manager by typing by “chrome://extensions” in the Google address bar or Alternatively you can also use the side menu as shown in the picture given below.[​IMG]After that just delete all the extension by using the dump button and you can skip some extensions if you’re using it or otherwise remove all of them.[​IMG]
    4. Analytic Code – If you’re using any code for analytics then you should remove it for testing purpose and if the problem is gone by removing that code then maybe you shouldn’t use it.
    If still nothing works for you then its possible your program having some bugs in it and you should need to check it properly.

    #AT LAST – Use Chrome Cleanup Tool

    On 2014 Google releases a beta version of a cleanup tool that can scan your computer and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome.

    Now the beta version has long gone and that software works perfect on any computer and it will definitely fix your problem.

    So, just download the tool from the link given below and run the program to fix this issues:


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