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    ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED – Explained With Solutions

    This webpage is not available with ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED is a 501 Network Error and you can see this ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED problem came only into your Google Chrome Browsers.
    Actually, it’s a DNS Resolution problem of your computer or browser which directly indicates that your computer’s DNS or Domain Name System Client tries to resolve the Internet Protocol (IP) Address of the website which you entered in your browser’s URL address bar.


    If your Google Chrome does having some minor problem to accessing the DNS server of the URL what you’ve entered then there is 100% of possibilities that you will be getting this Error on your computer’s screen.

    You can have this error on a wide range of things like on your Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Phone or maybe also on your own website domain too. But don’t worry about it because by this article I’m gonna help you out to fix this problem, By the way, it’s a pretty generic error which can be caused by many different reasons but generally this is a DNS resolution problem.

    So, first I’m gonna start with a tutorial for fixing this error on your PC and then move to the fixing this on android and after that or in last, fixing this error while accessing your own website.

    Depends on your condition, you can simply scroll down in this article to skip windows or maybe an android tutorial, only if you don’t wanna to read those.

    #Fixing This Error On Computer Or Laptop.

    1# Clear Chrome’s Host Cache

    Your browser’s DNS Cache feature is essentially a database which does stores all the IP Addresses which creates to accessing any websites. The main Purpose of this data bank is to make it quicker for your PC to reach to that particulate websites.

    Sometimes when that website’s IP address become changed or get outdated and when that thing happens with some other quite numbers of websites which are also stored in your DNS cache database, it’s possible you may definitely encounter DNS errors on your browser.
    To clear your chrome’s host cache you’ll need to type this address in chrome’s address bar >> “chrome://net-internals/#dns” and then press “Enter.”

    After that find the button named “Clear host cache” beside the Host resolver cache and then click on that button to clear Chrome’s DNS cache.


    2# Clear Computer’s Saved DNS Cache

    Your computers do also save that DNS cache too and you’ll have to clear It too if the above one step won’t works for you. I’m showing you this OS cache clearing thinks only for windows and mac and if you’re using some other OS then you can search it on Google for doing this IP renew thing for your own OS.

    @To Clear DNS Cache on Windows OS you’ll need to do:
    • First, open the Run Commander in your windows by pressing the Windows Key R key at the same time and then type cmd on it and after that press enter.[​IMG]
    • Type “ipconfig /flushdns” (no quotes) and then hit “Enter”.
    • Type “exit” and hit enter.

    @To Clear DNS Cache on MAC OS you’ll need to do:

    Open your Command terminal and type the command on it according to your OS versions which I’m all listed below. One of these commands can clear the cache and I mentioned all commands because the reset command is different according to the mac version. So, one of them will work for you.
    • sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
    • sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcaches
    • sudo dscacheutil –flushcache
    • sudo lookupd –flushcache
    3# Renewing New IP and DNS Server

    Refreshing your Local or DNS Server IP address can help you to troubleshoot your frustrating network, like fixing IP confliction and the best part is, this process is quick and easy, no matter which operating systems you’re using.
    I’m gonna showing you this renewing IP thing only for windows and mac and if you’re using some other OS then yu can easily search it on Google for doing this IP renew thing for your OS.
    @To renew IP on Windows OS you’ll need to do:
    • First, open your Windows CMD command prompt.
    • Type “ipconfig /release” (without quotes) and press “Enter”.
    • After that “ipconfig /renew” (without quotes) and then press “Enter,”.
    • Type “exit”.
    • Restart your computer and test it, if the problem stays then move to the next one.

    @To renew IP on Mac OS you’ll need to do:

    • In the above-left menu, click on the Apple button and go to System Preference.
    • After that, open the “Network” setting.
    • Select your currently active network connection who says ‘Connected’.
    • Then click on the “Advanced” button.
    • In the top menu, select the option “TCP/IP”.
    • Click On DHCP Lease button and by clicking on it can renew your Mac’s network IP address.
    4# Clear Browser Data

    Sometimes this problem occurred by your browser history and cache, and by cleaning it can easily fix this error:
    You’ll just need to Press “Ctrl H” on windows and “⌘ Y” on mac to open history page in your browser and then, just click on Clear browsing data button at the top and then check Cache and Cookies and Select from the beginning of time from the drop-down menu.

    5# Change DNS IP To Public DNS

    Changing DNS does help sometimes.
    @To change DNS Server IP in your windows:
    • First, go to the “Network and Sharing center” and you can easily open it by pressing “Windows key R key” and then type the command name “ncpa.cpl”on the commander and click “OK”.
    • [​IMG]
    • When it gets opened, Click on the “Change adapter settings” option from the left-hand side panel.
    • Next, right click on your active internet connection adaptor (Local area network or Wireless area network)
    • Then click on Properties.
    • Select the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4)” option.
    • Click on Properties (Yes, again, it will open in a different window).
    • Now select the “Use the following DNS server addresses”.
    • In the “Use The Following DNS Server Addresses” type:
    • In the first area “”.
    • In the second area ””.(As shown in the picture given below).

    @To change DNS Server IP in your Mac OS:
    Step 1 – Go to your Mac System Preferences and select the Network panel setting (it will be listed in the Internet and Wireless section).
    Step 2 – Now go to the Network preference pane and select your current network (Airport or Ethernet) and then click on “Advanced”.
    Step 3 – After that select the DNS tab from the above menu.
    Step 4 – Now in the DNS tab, you’ll need to add the Google’s DNS servers using the “ ” button.
    DNS Server 1 (preferred):
    DNS Server 2 (alternate):


    6# Disabling DNS Prefetching

    Google Chrome has its own DNS cache to speed up loading of web pages. And disabling it does helpfully for most cases – until a website’s DNS fail to resolve.
    To disable DNS prefetching in Chrome you’ll need to go to your chrome’s Settings and when setting gets open, just scroll down and click on “Show Advanced Settings” and after that in the Privacy options, just find and disable the option named “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”.
    7# Firewall and Antivirus

    Check your operating systems firewall settings and make sure it won’t blocks your chrome browser network connection. You can also try to disable your OS firewall temporarily and check does it solve your problem.

    Just like firewall, it’s possible your computer’s antivirus program also creating some problem because of its security reasons and you can confirm it easily by disabling it for a while.
    If you’ve having a comodo antivirus installed in your computer then you can add the file name to the trusted files which you can also be seeing in the antivirus’s sandbox.

    8# Internet Connectivity Issue

    Internet connectivity is more important than everything and without that your computer can’t able to do any anything. I suggest you to check your Internet settings and make sure no proxy are selected and if it does then remove it.

    Now I want you to do is to restart your modem or router and check does it solves your problem or not, most of the times it does.

    If you’re using a telephone broadband then it’s possible this problem is coming from the static noise in your connection and you can also check it by listening to the telephone’s dialer tone. If there is some static noise in the voice then I’ll suggest you to tighten every wire connected to each other in your connection and if the problem still stays then you can call to your ISP to get assistance.

    #Fixing This Error On Android

    It’s common to having this ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Problem on your Mobile Phone and there are a couple or more thinks I want to you try and it will definitely gonna fix your problem.
    First go to your Android Settings > Apps > All Apps > Chrome > Clear app data.
    If that won’t work’s then:
    Disable “Reduce Data usage” Option in your Mobile Setting.
    You can also try to open your web page by “Request desktop site” Option in your browser.

    #Fixing This Error For Your Own Website Or Domain

    Undo Changed Name Server – A nameserver is a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet and translates domain names into IP addresses (or vice versa) and if you’ve recently change your domain’s name server then I’ll suggest you to change it back because that’s the reason why you’re getting this error

    Get assistance from your host provider if you don’t change your nameserver or maybe changing the nameserver is needed and you can’t change it back because of some reasons.

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