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    BAD POOL HEADER – Explained With Solution

    The Bad Pool Header or you can say BAD_POOL_HEADER, both are the same BSOD errors which also known for its bug check error code of “0x00000019”.

    Having this problem on your computer fully indicates that your Windows Operating System’s Pool Header got corrupt or maybe having some problem in it.


    Actually to define this “Pool Header” I’ll need to write a 2000 word article because it’s a long technical story to explain and I bet, you got bored.

    So, mainly I made this tutorial short and more meaningful and to make it quick, let’s split this error name into 3 parts as you can see:
    BADBy mentioning the word “Bad”, your computer is just saying that there is something which is causing some discomfort to the pool header.

    POOLWe normally just don’t say “Pool”, it’s having a full name called “Memory pool” which is mainly created by the memory manager of your system who mainly use to allocate the memory. These memory pools are divided into two different parts and the first one is “Non-Paged Pool” and the second one is “Paged Pool”, both are located in the region of the address space that is reserved for the system and mapped into the virtual address space for each process.

    HEADERHeader annotations describe how a function uses its parameters and return value. These annotations have been added to many of the Windows header files to help you ensure that you are calling the Windows API correctly.
    Technical Cause Issue:
    • The Pool Is Already Corrupted At The Time Of The Current Request.
    • This May Or May Not Be Due To The Caller.
    So, after reading all these information I think now you got some idea about this error code, that it fully indicates that there is something bad happing to your computer which causing the malfunctioning of the Memory Manager.
    The worst part about this error is, that there are so many different reasons which can be possible and cause your computer’s memory and that’s the reason why you can’t be able to fix this error by just doing a single step.
    That’s why I made this tutorial a little quite long to help you better and make this problem get fixed by your own.
    What Can Be The Possible Reasons For This Error To Occur On Your Computer?
    Just like I said, “Pool Header” is your Windows Memory Allocation problem and that allocation problem can be occurred because of your Computer’s Hardware and Software related problem.
    Or In A Normal Language, It Can Be a Lot Of Things Which is Cause This Error And Those Are Be Like:
    • Driver Issue
    • Security Software Issue
    • Hard Disk Issue
    • Operating Systems Issue
    • Ram Issue
    So now, you’ll need to troubleshoot all of these things in your windows to repair your computer or laptop.

    Let’s starts with;

    1# – What To Do When You Are Getting This Error While In Between Of Your Windows Startup?

    If you aren’t able to start your computer then you can also try to open your Windows by using the Safe Mode. You’ll just need to press the F8 Key again and again on your computer’s startup until you see your screen just looks like as shown in the picture given below, after that select Safe Mode in those options to open it.

    If you’re using Windows 10 then press Shift key F8 again and again on startup;


    In case, if you still can’t be able to open your Windows in Safe Mode, then I think now you’ll to repair your windows by using the tool called “Startup Repair”.

    2# – What To Do When You Are Getting This Error While On Running Windows?

    This “Bad Pool” problem mostly occurs in Windows 10 PC and it’s mainly happened because you people just install or update something in your Windows even without checking that the software what you are going to install or update is compatible with your computer or not.

    And that’s the part where this problem starts to shows up on your Computer’s Screen.
    Tip: If you’ve recently installed Windows 10 on your computer then I highly recommend you to update all of your computer’s Software and Drivers to the latest version.

    Not just only for Windows 10, it’s also possible that the Older Version of Windows what you are using also having some Drivers related issue which can possibly cause the pool header. So, update all of your computers drivers whatever you are using Windows 10, 7 or 8.

    2.1# – Remove Security Based Softwares

    Now the second thing which I want to do is to remove or uninstall all the Security-Based Softwares from your Windows besides the Firewall.

    By saying Security Software’s, I mean your “Antivirus Program” or maybe some “Malware And Root-kits Removal Tool”, whatever you’re using just uninstalls it. And yes, you can install anything back but make sure you’ll install the latest version of that software.

    Especially those who are using the older version of Malwarebytes (Software), you can fix your problem by just uninstall it because a lot of people solved their problem by just removing the old Malwarebytes, as you can see in the feedback mentioned below.

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