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    CRITICAL PROCESS DIED – Explained With Solution

    Critical process died or you can say CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, both are the same Blue Screen Of Death errors which also known for its bug check error code of “0x000000EF”. Having this problem on your computer fully indicates that your Windows Operating System is having some problem to proceed one or more of your System’s Critical Processes.


    Mostly this error occurred right after when your Windows got updated or maybe sometimes when you install new Windows OS on your PC. Other than these two conditions, sadly yes this error can be occurred anytime on your computer’s screen even in between of your Windows startup.

    From few days, I getting a lot emails about people having this error on their computer and asks me to suggest something which can fix their computer. The common thing which I noticed in all those received emails, a lot of users having this problem right after when they install Windows 10 or updating Window 10 from Windows 8.

    So, I replied different things according to their different conditions and mainly the solution what I’ve found is, it’s just a compatibility issue, but sometimes this issue can also be occurred because of some faulty install RAM of your computer or maybe your computer’s Windows got corrupted, and Yes! That’s also happened a lot too.

    Most of the times you people just install some software or drivers or maybe just update something on your computer, even without knowing that software program what you are going to install or update is actually compatible with your computer or not, and that’s the part where the compatibility issue starts from.

    So, let’s see how to fix this problem;

    First, I want to confirm that right now you can able to open your computer’s windows or not. I’m only asking you about this because around 20% people who having this problem in their computer, got the error when every time they start their computer, mainly in the middle of their windows opening.

    And that’s the reason why I divided this tutorial into two different parts, mainly according to the different conditions. So, now I want you to follow only those solution who listed under that condition who suits you.

    Let’s starts with;

    #Condition No.1 – What To Do If Your Windows Won’t Open?

    If your computer opens up normally and you’re getting this error while working on your window then you can skip this step and move to the troubleshooting guide written under the Condition No.2 Solutions listed below after this one.

    Now, the first thing I want you to do is to start your Windows, and to do that;

    Here Are Those Two Things Which You’ll Need To Follow And Those Are:
    • Open your computer by using the Safe Mode.
    • Repair your computer by using the Startup Repair.
    So, let’s starts with the Safe Mode. Safe Mode is the quickest way to open a windows PC even without getting the error in the middle of the startup.

    To open you OS in Safe Mode, you’ll need press some particular key again and again on your keyboard only when you first time starts your computer by pressing the power button.

    If your computer is running right now, then I want you to shut it down.

    doing that will help to open Advanced Boot Options on your screen and on that screen you can easily select the option named Safe Mode to open your OS in that mode.

    Let’s See The Procedure:
    • For older version of Windows users, press F8 key 3 or 4 times on your computer startup, mainly before the windows logo appears on the screen.
    • For Windows 8 and Windows 10 users press “Shift F8 key” on your computer’s startup.
    • After when the “Advanced Boot Options” appears, just select the “Safe Mode” option to open it.

    If you successfully open your Windows in Safe Mode then I want you to skip all the other solutions mentioned in this “Condition No.1 – What To Do If You…” and move to the Condition No.2 Solutions, I’m only suggesting you this because using safe mode can actually able to run your Windows, which means your Windows boot Manager files is working perfectly and now you’ll to repair your Operating System’s files like drivers, registry and etc. which you can find all in the solutions of “

    #Condition No.2 – How To Fix This Error On Running Windows?”
    written below in this article.
    Or otherwise, if you still won’t able to open your computer by using the Safe Mode then the second thing which I want you to do is to repair your Windows Boot Volume by using a tool named “Startup Repair”, just because of your Operating System’s Boot Manager isn’t working properly.

    So, Now you’ll need to use your Windows Installations Setup Disk/USB in order to use the Startup Repair Utility, and one more important thing, I only suggest you to use a bootable disc or a bootable pen drive according to the current Windows Version of your Computer, like using Windows 7 Setup Disc if you having Windows 7 installed in your PC or use a Windows 8 Setup Disk if you’re using Windows 8 in your computer.

    Related Helpful Link: >> How To Make A Bootable USB Pen Drive?

    #Let’s See The Instructions Of Using Startup Repair:

    First, you’ll need to boot your Windows Disc or USB by using the Boot Menu or maybe by the Boot Sequence Priority. If you don’t know how to do that, these given link below will help you to boot your Disc or a Flash Drive easily.
    • How to Quick Boot A USB or CD/DVD Directly From the Boot Menu?
    • How To Change the Boot Order (Boot Sequence) in BIOS?
    After booting, you’ll see your computer will ask you to “press any key to boot from CD or DVD/ or USB” to boot the Windows Setup. So, just press any key as fast as you can or otherwise that option will disappear.


    Now, click to expand the Sub-Topic selection according to the version of your Windows Setup, by clicking on the blue outline rectangular box:

    Solution No. 2.1 - Startup Repair Instructions for Windows Vista

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