How To Fix “Page Fault In Nonpaged Area” Blue Screen Error?

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    Solutions To Fix “Page Fault In Nonpaged Area – 0x00000050”

    PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, 0x00000050, Stop: 0x00000050 or 0x50, whatever you call they all are the same “Blue Screen Of Death” error which all known for its different names. Normally this BSOD Error caused by some recent changes in your computer, like you added a new hardware or maybe install some new software or Drivers, and sometimes this issue also occurred due to the corrupted Windows of your computer.

    So, Now The Main Question Is “Actually, What Is The Non-Paged Area?”

    As you know, there are so many different types of hardware are attached in your personal computer system which is used for storing data, like your Pen drive, Solid State Drive, Hard Disk Drive and RAM (Random access memory) etc.

    Where your computer’s Ram mainly used for storing currently active process data because a ram memory has the capability to read and write the storage much faster than the top-end level SSDs and HDDs and instantly contains the information required for the computer to process its current active tasks.

    Sometimes when there is too many data to be held in the RAM or maybe that data which isn’t actively in use, is actually stored temporarily in the Page File of your Windows. A Page file is a file located in your Windows drive which your computer uses as for additional RAM storage.

    The Non-Paged area is an area of memory that contains data which is critical for the running of the system. This data is always required, so instead of swapping the data back and forth between the RAM and the page file, the data is kept constantly in the RAM, in the non-paged area.

    Essentially in this area, the data should not be moved from RAM to the page file.

    In A Normal Language, this particular error would usually occur, when your PC required data which they cannot locate in the Ram memory and that’s the reason why your system starts to creating this kind of fault error and showing you the blue background error message on your computer’s screen.

    As per Microsoft, this error mainly caused by some of your computer’s faulty hardware like a RAM or hard drive, Corrupted NTFS Volume or maybe some bad corrupted Drivers. Most of the times corrupted Windows is the main reason, but I can’t say every time, because there are more than one possible reasons which can make this error to shows up in front of you, which I’m actually all mentioned after this paragraph.

    There Are Five Possible Reasons Which Were Happened With Your Computer And Those Are
    1. Recently Installed USB Or Hardware
    2. Recently Installed Or Updated Drivers
    3. Recently Updated Windows
    4. Windows Got Corrupted
    5. Ram Got Faulty
    As you can see, there are numbers of possible reasons for this error to occur and just because of those different reasons there are also numbers of possible solution what you’ll need to try in order to fix your problem.

    So, the thing is, I actually wrote all the possible solution what you can try to fix this problem and now you’ll just have to start with the Solution No.1 and follow until you’ve fixed your PC on your own.

    In case, if this error appears while on your system’s startup then the first thing what you’ll need to do is to repair your Windows with the help of Windows Startup Repair Utility Tool.

    So, Let’s See What’s Happened To Your Desktop Or Laptop Computer;


    #First Thing First: I
    f you recently attached any USB Hardware or cable, like Printer, Scanner, Hard disk or whatever you’ve recently attached to your computer’s USB port, just remove or disconnect it, because maybe it’s also possible that the hardware what you’ve recently connected is creating some kinda problem with your computer’s Operating System and showing you this 0x00000050 error on the screen. In case, if you don’t connect anything recently then maybe you should also need to disconnect everything which is connected to the USB port, beside your USB keyboard and mouse. So, just for make sure about it.
    Actually, the thing what I’m trying to say is, just stay connected your “Keyboard or Mouse Cable”, “Display Cable”

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