How To Fix Kernel Security Check Failure – 0x00000139?

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    Kernel Security Check Failure – Solutions

    The KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE is a blue of death error which having its bug check value of 0x00000139 and if this problem is occurring with your computer then there’s definitely something which is creating the problem in your windows operation system.


    The main reason behind this error to show up on your screen is, your windows just specifies that the kernel has noticed the corruption of a serious data configuration and the bad thing about this type of error is that it can be hard to find the correct pathway where and who is creating this problem in your operating system.

    From past few days, I got above 160 new emails and people asking about this error to fix it and I really got confused when all those people having this problem in a different condition and that’s why I need to test different solution on every differ computer to find the perfect solution.

    By applying 30 different things on different computers I can able to get succeed to fix this problem and it were also helps me to find which one of the selected tricks to try first in all those 30 solutions and in which condition. So, you’ll just need to follow the step by step guide which I’m all listed down in this article to repair your computer by your own.

    So, now the main reason what I’ve found for this error to occurring is just because of some minor fault in your:
    • Windows Drivers
    • Hardware Drivers
    • Some Software Got Corrupted
    • Windows Files Corruption
    • Ram Problem
    • OS Got Corrupted
    Just like I said, it’s hard to find which one of these is creating the problem in your computer and because of that, now you’ll need to try all solution one by one until you’ve fix your PC.
    Now I’m dividing this tutorial into 3 parts:
    1. At first, what to do it you’re getting this error on your computer startup.
    2. In second, what to do if getting the error while working on some particular software like Photoshop and etc.
    3. And at last, I’ve mentioned all working solutions for those users who are getting this error on anytime while working on any software.
    You can skip the solutions for that condition if that topic won’t applies to your condition.

    1#Error Occurring While Windows Is Starting

    You can skip this startup repair thing and move to the next if you’ve having this problem while working on your Windows OS.

    Sometimes people having this BSOD error while they starting their windows OS and after that their computer get restarts or I say your computer gets in a restarts loop.

    If you do having this problem with your computer too, then the first thing you’ll need to try is to fix your PC by using the Startup Utility tool.

    That’s a great tool but the thing is, you’ll have to use your windows installer disc or Pendrive in order to start this feature.
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