How To Removal pup.optional.reimage Virus

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    What Is pup.optional.reimage Virus

    PUP.Optional.Reimage serves as a Trojan which is malicious. It infects your PC by means of porn websites, spam email, freeware installer, fake software update links, and so on. As a computer user, you should carefully pay attention to your every move. But users surf internet for fun and they should not spend too much energy in this issues. So the best way to protect your PC is to remove PUP.Optional.Reimage for your PC.

    PUP.Optional.Reimage will do harms to your PC in many ways. Typically, it is capable of make your system vulnerable and open the door for virus and hackers. That is to say, it will be a tool used for virus and hackers to turn off your protecting functions. All this are invisible for users since it will also cover the traces for them. After virus enter, it will associate them and make your anti-virus application lose functions.

    PUP.Optional.Reimage is also famous for its encryption function. It will lock your documents with some programming. And when you try to open it, you will receive some guides to contact its support for decoding it. It is a scam to cheat your payment. Normally, the price will be beyond hundred, and it is not a moderate price for users.

    You will also face with low-speed operation and system crash if you keep PUP.Optional.Reimage on your PC. It is time for you to delete it.

    How PUP.Optional.Reimage Intrude Your PC

    A typical Trojan virus like PUP.Optional.Reimage can utilize various methods to intrude your computer. Some of the most common ways are :-
    • Freeware downloads.
    • Peer to peer file sharing.
    • Spam email attachments.
    • Malicious or porn websites.
    • Suspicious links.
    • Misleading advertisements.
    • Fake software updates.
    How To Get Rid Of pup.optional.reimage

    If you are Windows 8 users:
    • Move your mouse to the bottom-right corner of the desktop, you will be able to activate the Win8 side menu
    • Click on Settings, select Control Panel, click Uninstall pup.optional.reimage program
    • Find out and highlight pup.optional.reimage on the list of installed programs
    • Click on Uninstall on the top, and you will start the default uninstall process
    • Following the removing instruction to finish the removal
    • Restart the computer after the removal
    If you are Windows 7 users:
    • Click on Windows button at the bottom-left corner of the desktop
    • Select Control Panel, and click on Uninstall pup.optional.reimage program
    • Find and locate pup.optional.reimage on the list of installed programs
    • Right click on the program and select Uninstall
    • Complete the removal with the instructions
    • Reboot the computer system
    pup.optional.reimage Removal - Method Two
    1. When you had some software installed on your system, a shortcut of the application would probably be created on desktop.
    2. Right click on the shortcut, then choose Properties, go on click Shortcut tab on the Properties box, click on the Find Target... to directly go to the installation folder of pup.optional.reimage.
    3. Then you'll see the data of the app that you're going to remove, like some DLL / EXE file type and more. The default installation path of the program is usually in C:\Program Files\. You might need to manually remove its related files in the direction later.
    4. In most cases, there would be an file called uninstsll.exe, which is used to launch the uninstallation of the program.
    5. Click on the uninstallation file and follow the uninstall wizards to remove it. Save your data and restart your computer.
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