How to Remove 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up

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    What Is 1-888-727-1127

    1-888-727-1127 popup is a malicious domain and it is usually show up asspam pop-ups. With the tool of Blue Screen of Death background or a threatening notification, it sends you a message that your computer is infected with adware or malware and you would better call for the tech support. In the same time, 1-888-727-1127 popup freezes your windows so that you can start up and begins to believe that it must be true and to follow its suggestions.


    It is also an old trick for 1-888-727-1127 popup. As you know, pop-up ads are generated from adware or spyware, which is capable of controlling your computer or your system. In the same time, it will get the information useful for them so that it is able to make up the fake content on ads.

    Later, when you call the technicians for help through 1-888-727-1127 popup, they will describe your computer issues severely with IT terminology. They will also observe your response so that they can charge a “reasonable” price. If you look like very scary and believe in them much, they will ask for a higher price same as normal bargaining trick. In other word, they will make sure that they can make the most money without refusal.

    When you figure out what the trick is, the first thing is removing 1-888-727-1127 popup and its adware. The hackers developing this adware must have set barriers for users to get it removed.

    1-888-727-1127 popup alert is Dangerous

    1. It is closely connected with dangerous browser hijacker virus.
    2. It can change Windows registry entries to cause security issues.
    3. It alerts browser settings and display scam pop-up ads.
    4. It downloads other viruses to bring your system more damages.
    5. It can keep trail of your online activities and collect your private data.
    6. Remote attacker can make use of 1-888-727-1127 popup alert to invade your system.

    How To Get Rid Of 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up

    If you are Windows 8 users:
    • Move your mouse to the bottom-right corner of the desktop, you will be able to activate the Win8 side menu
    • Click on Settings, select Control Panel, click Uninstall 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up program
    • Find out and highlight 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up on the list of installed programs
    • Click on Uninstall on the top, and you will start the default uninstall process
    • Following the removing instruction to finish the removal
    • Restart the computer after the removal
    If you are Windows 7 users:
    • Click on Windows button at the bottom-left corner of the desktop
    • Select Control Panel, and click on Uninstall 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up program
    • Find and locate 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up on the list of installed programs
    • Right click on the program and select Uninstall
    • Complete the removal with the instructions
    • Reboot the computer system
    1-888-727-1127 Pop-up Removal - Method Two

    1. When you had some software installed on your system, a shortcut of the application would probably be created on desktop.

    2. Right click on the shortcut, then choose Properties, go on click Shortcut tab on the Properties box, click on the Find Target... to directly go to the installation folder of 1-888-727-1127 Pop-up.

    3. Then you'll see the data of the app that you're going to remove, like some DLL / EXE file type and more. The default installation path of the program is usually in C:\Program Files\. You might need to manually remove its related files in the direction later.

    4. In most cases, there would be an file called uninstsll.exe, which is used to launch the uninstallation of the program.

    5. Click on the uninstallation file and follow the uninstall wizards to remove it. Save your data and restart your computer.

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