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    This module is based on HR202 resistive humidity sensor, which exposes excellent linearity, has a wide measurement range and a low power consumption. The module features both a power output indicator LED and a digital output indicator.

    This module is ideal for custom humidity sensing applications, and can be used in fields like meteorology, storage facility humidity control, textile industry and other applications which need ambient humidity monitoring.

    The output is available both as an analog output and as a digital output obtained using a comparator based on LM393 integrated circuit.

    • Sensitivity: adjustable
    • Operating voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V
    • Output: AO - analog output, DO - digital output
    Resistive humidity sensor, Model: HR202

    1. HR202 is a new kind of humidity-sensitive resistor made from organic macromolecule materials, it can be used in occasions like: hospitals, storage, workshop, textile industry, tobaccos, pharmaceutical field, meteorology, etc.

    2. Features:
    Excellent linearity, low power consumption, wide measurement range, quick response, anti-pollution, high stability, high performance-price ratio.

    3. Technical Specification:
    Operating range: humidity(20-95%RH)
    Power supply: 1.5V AC(Max sine)
    Operating frequency: 500Hz-2kHz
    Rated power: 0.2mW(Max sine)
    Central value: 31kΩ(at 25Celsius, 1kHz ,1V AC, 60%RH)
    Impedance range: 19.8-50.2kΩ(at 25Celsius, 1kHz ,1V AC, 60%RH)
    Accuracy: +-5%RH
    Hysteresis: +-1%RH Long-term
    stability: +-1%RH/year Response
    time: <10s
    Dimensions: with case 12*15*5mm, without case 8*10*0.7mm

    4.Performance parameter(at 1KHz) Unit: ohm
    5.Impedance performance (at25℃ 1V AC 1kHz)

    (1) Avoid polarization, driving voltage or current should be 100% alternative.
    (2) Please measure the sensor with LCR alternative-current bridge, don't use multimeter.
    (3) Avoid dew condensation.
    (4) Recommended storage conditions: temperature 0-60Celsius; humidity <80%RH

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