What is spigot? Is spigot a virus?

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    Spigotis an Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.Optional.Spigot.A) also detected as (Adware.Spigot) that displaysads by Spigot, advertisement banners and sponsored links within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. TheSpigotadware is bundled with certain free software that primarily installs to your computer with or without your permission and knowledge. When theSpigotadware is installed on your computer, it will display underlined words that will show pop up advertisements and other unwanted ads in your browsers. Also pop-ups with fake updates of your browser, Adobe FlashPlayer and Java, are a well known problem of the Spigot adware. And these pop-ups can be a risk to become infected with other malware.

    As already mentioned, this type ofadwareis bundled with free software downloaded from Softonic, Cnet, Brothersoft and similar downloadsites. While installing certain free programs that may contain additional software (adware, it is important that you pay attention to the End User License Agreements (EULA), and the installation procedure. When you have the possibility of an Custom or Advanced installation option, it is a good idea to select these as they will typically disclose what other (unwanted) software will also be installed.


    Presence of PUP.Optional.Spigot.A affects your installed browser program. Here are some obvious signs that the malware has invaded the computer.
    • Modified start page, home page or search engine
    • Constant redirect to unwanted web sites
    • Excessive display of pop-up advertisements
    • Browser and new tabs opens on its own
    How To Get Rid Of spigot

    If you are Windows 8 users:
    • Move your mouse to the bottom-right corner of the desktop, you will be able to activate the Win8 side menu
    • Click onSettings, selectControl Panel, clickUninstall spigot program
    • Find out and highlight spigot on the list of installed programs
    • Click onUninstallon the top, and you will start the default uninstall process
    • Following the removing instruction to finish the removal
    • Restart the computer after the removal
    If you are Windows 7 users:
    • Click onWindows buttonat the bottom-left corner of the desktop
    • SelectControl Panel, and click onUninstall spigot program
    • Find and locate spigot on the list of installed programs
    • Right click on the program and selectUninstall
    • Complete the removal with the instructions
    • Reboot the computer system
    spigot Removal - Method Two
    1. When you had some software installed on your system, a shortcut of the application would probably be created on desktop.
    2. Right click on the shortcut, then choose Properties, go on click Shortcut tab on the Properties box, click on theFind Target...to directly go to the installation folder of spigot.
    3. Then you'll see the data of the app that you're going to remove, like some DLL / EXE file type and more. The default installation path of the program is usually in C:\Program Files\. You might need to manually remove its related files in the direction later.
    4. In most cases, there would be an file called uninstsll.exe, which is used to launch the uninstallation of the program.
    5. Click on the uninstallation file and follow the uninstall wizards to remove it. Save your data and restart your computer.

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